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Mediation is a term that often comes up during divorce proceedings. At Serrano Hanson, we have experience in mediation, including working to help our clients resolve their issues in an amicable and mutually acceptable fashion. Mediation can play an important role in resolving issues between parties who need to continue to interact and make decisions jointly going forward, including parents who will share custody.

What Is Mediation?

In Illinois family court proceedings, mediation is a "non-binding confidential process by which a neutral third party…assists the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement." This person is often a family attorney, either chosen by the parties involved or appointed by the courts if the parties cannot agree.

Why Is Mediation Required in Some Situations?

The Courts often recommend and can even mandate that parents who cannot agree on important issues must go through mediation. The court hopes parents will be able to resolve these conflicts in a way that will allow them to peacefully and successfully co-parent going forward. It is the underlying belief of the family courts that parents know their children better than a judge does, and thus parents are better equipped to make decisions for their children. Thus, in situations involving children, the Illinois Supreme Court has decided that mediation should be used when parents cannot come to agreements on their own on issues related to:

What Are Some Benefits of Mediation?

Mediation can be a better choice than formal court proceedings in many cases. The mediator tries to help the parties involved solve conflicts productively so that they can use those healthy conflict skills going forward to reduce animosity and hostility. For parents who will be required to solve many issues as their children get older, it can be very helpful to learn to communicate in a way that stays focused on clear communication of issues and resolution rather than emotions.

Conflicts may also involve financial matters, and bringing in a mediator can be more cost-effective than litigation. The courts do not normally require that financial issues be mediated; however, parties can elect to go through mediation rather than bring their matters to be litigated before a judge. Our skilled mediators provide conflict resolution in all issues, including financial issues which could arise following a divorce or another family law dispute.

As experienced mediators, the lawyers at Serrano Hanson can help you understand this process and how to best use this opportunity in your own unique situation. We know that this can be an emotionally fraught and challenging juncture for our clients, and we will work with you to help you stay calm and focused on what truly matters to you. If you need legal assistance in any divorce or family law concern, including those that require mediation, contact us today at 630-844-8781. We serve clients in DeKalb, DuPage, Kendall, and Kane Counties, including Campton Hills, South Elgin, Batavia, St. Charles, and Geneva.

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