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Why You Need to Clarify Your Divorce-Related Priorities First 

 Posted on July 12, 2023 in Divorce

Geneva Divorce LawyerThe process of ending a marriage tends to inspire emotional, financial, social, and practical challenges. As a result, it is easy for this period of life to become overwhelming. Oftentimes, individuals who are navigating divorce can get caught up with whatever pressing issue is affecting their experience most profoundly and immediately. Only after time has passed, does it become easier to see that they may have spent a great deal of time missing the forest for the trees in ways that have impacted their future. Therefore, it is a good idea for individuals who are starting to navigate the divorce process to clarify their priorities as soon as they possibly can.

Fighting (Only) the Good Fight

The primary reason why it is so important to set your priorities at the start of the divorce process is that, in doing so, you will be empowered to pick your battles in informed ways. Only you can know whether digging your heels in concerning certain assets, a specific child custody arrangement, detailed parenting plan terms, etc. is worth your time and energy. Once you know which fights are worth fighting, you can direct your efforts accordingly and reserve the remainder of your energy for building the next phase of your life.

Getting caught up in the heat of the moment is understandable during divorce. Yet, it is not a wise approach when someone is capable of a more focused, nuanced approach. It is true that knowledge is power. By knowing what your priorities are, you can exercise your personal power as effectively as possible.

Contact a Geneva, IL Divorce Lawyer Today

If you are unsure of how to craft divorce-related priorities that will serve you well moving forward, know that the reputable team of Kane County, IL divorce lawyers at Serrano Hanson can help. Once you better understand both your rights and the potential benefits and drawbacks of certain approaches to property division, child custody, etc., you will be able to make more informed choices in your best interests.

To get started – and to learn more about our firm’s approach to divorce-related representation – you can schedule a risk-free confidential legal case evaluation by submitting a contact form on our website or by calling the firm at 630-844-8781 today. Once your priorities are clarified, you will be able to manage the rest of this consequential transition with greater confidence and clarity of purpose. It would be our honor to help you achieve this noble aim.




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