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What Is a Parenting Plan? 

 Posted on July 26, 2023 in Family Law

Geneva Family LawyerNot so long ago, it was commonplace for one parent to retain sole or primary physical custody of a child, while the child’s other parent received joint legal custody and visitation rights. Nowadays, courts broadly recognize that most children benefit from co-parenting arrangements in which each parent – assuming that they are fit, are eager to act in their child’s best interests, and are capable of healthy co-parenting – benefits from significant parenting time and relatively equal decision-making authority. In order to manage the ins and outs of such arrangements, the courts now insist on the creation of parenting plans in most child custody cases.

Setting Legally-Enforceable Expectations 

Parenting plans function as court orders that govern the terms of a co-parenting arrangement. A family’s particular parenting plan can outline the rights and responsibilities of each parent, as well as forms of recourse available to them in the event of a breach. While parenting plans may be created – as well as modified – by the mutual consent of a child’s parents, these documents and their modifications must be approved by the court to have legal effect. In the event of a contentious dispute wherein parents cannot agree to the terms of an original plan or modification, the court will make a ruling in the best interests of the affected child.

Parenting Plan Terms

Most parenting plans are primarily concerned with a child’s co-parenting time schedule. A family’s plan can outline when a child will reside with each parent, how holidays and special occasions will be managed, transportation between households, etc. However, it is important to underscore that parenting plan terms can address virtually any issue that co-parents deem to be noteworthy enough to be legally enforceable. Many plans, therefore, contain terms concerning virtual visitation arrangements, restrictions on a child’s personal technology use, whether a child will attend religious classes, etc.

Contact a Geneva, IL Child Custody Lawyer Today for More Information

If you have questions about either constructing a parenting plan from scratch or modifying existing orders, consider reaching out to the knowledgeable team of Kane County, IL child custody lawyers at Serrano Hanson today for more information. No two co-parenting arrangements operate in exactly the same way. By scheduling a confidential, risk-free legal consultation, you can start crafting terms or a modification that uniquely serves your child’s best interests and that is workable for you and your co-parent. Please submit a contact form on our website or call the firm at 630-844-8781 for more information. We look forward to speaking with you.





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