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Tips for Divorced Parents Celebrating Halloween

 Posted on October 25, 2022 in Divorce

geneva divorce lawyerFor parents with young children, celebrating Halloween can be quite a joy. Many parents enjoy dressing up their children in cute costumes and taking them trick-or-treating. Divorced parents generally want to join in the fun, too - Halloween only comes once per year. It can be difficult for divorced parents to plan out how they will celebrate the holiday with their child. Generally, neither parent wants to be left out, but the child cannot be in two places at once. Many parents solve this problem by deciding who will participate in which tradition with their child or by planning separate events at separate times. When this planning is done well, both parents can experience the joys of celebrating Halloween with an excited child. Having an enjoyable Halloween can take a bit of planning. You may need to communicate with your child’s other parent quite a bit while making a plan, and you may both need to compromise. When both parents are willing to participate, everyone - including the child - can have a wonderful Halloween. 

Tips for Divorced Parents Planning Halloween Celebrations

With a little planning and cooperation, Halloween can be great fun for parents who are divorced and their children. Helpful tips include: 

  • Consider combining - If you and the other parent are amicable, you may still enjoy taking your child trick-or-treating as a team. This arrangement allows you both to enjoy watching your child collect candy. However, be sure that you can do so without having an argument. 

  • Consider priorities - Some adults love Halloween, while others do not care too much about the holiday. It may make sense to have the Halloween fanatic parent take this holiday in exchange for a different one, such as Memorial Day, that matters more to the other parent. 

  • Multiple activities - There are many fun Halloween activities other than trick-or-treating. You may consider having the parent who is not in charge of trick-or-treating this year take the child to a fall festival or help them carve the pumpkins. 

  • Take pictures - If one parent has the child for Halloween, it may be nice for them to take plenty of pictures to share with the other parent. Even if the other parent cannot be physically with the child, sharing pictures can make both parents feel involved. 

Cooperative co-parenting is no easy task for divorced parents. However, with a little planning and a little compromise, divorced parents and their children can have a lovely Halloween. 

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