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The Effects of Parental Relocation on Children

 Posted on January 08, 2024 in Divorce

Kane County, IL parental relocation lawyerDivorce is already a trying time for children of all ages. One complication many divorced parents face that also has long-term effects on children is during relocation. Whichever parent receives significant decision-making responsibilities will oftentimes be the parent a child lives with the majority of the time. That parent may choose to or be forced to find a new place to live. It is also likely that the other parent may have to find a new place to live should the family home wind up with the ex-partner in the asset division hearing.

Either way, the child may need to adapt to more change, and this can be overwhelming, especially for young children or children with special needs who may not be able to fully understand what is going on. For a better understanding of what your children may be going through, it may help to seek out a child therapist. And because relocation is often complicated and requires court approval, an experienced divorce attorney can offer legal advice in these kinds of situations.

The Need For Stability

For children of divorce, especially recent divorce, it is important to maintain stability in their day-to-day lives. During divorce proceedings, the court addresses several factors that attempt to help foster a stable environment for the children. Parents should consider how their relocation will affect their children before making any decisions that could disrupt that stability.

Moving further away from either parent could cause a rift in the parent-child relationship. It could also increase stress and hostility, if any already exists, between parents who may now need to adjust to a new normal. Parents who have no choice but to relocate for any number of reasons would do well to speak with their children about the impending changes so that they are more prepared for what is to come.

Requirements of the Parents

A relocating parent is required to notify the other parent of their intent to move at least 60 days out from the relocation. Should the other parent consent, the likelihood of approval is high but not guaranteed. If the other parent chooses to contest the relocation, then the judge will decide whether to approve the relocation based on many factors and the child’s best interest above all else.

In Kane County, IL, the parent with the majority parenting time is required to petition for a relocation if the move is 25 miles or more from the child’s current permanent residence. This is the same distance required for parent or court approval if choosing to move out of state as well.

A change to the already established parenting plan may also be required if the relocation is approved. Parenting time will again come into play so that both parents receive their fair share of time with their children. New arrangements for transportation, extracurricular activities, and communication should be addressed as the new distance could cause complications with the old arrangements.

Contact a Kane County, IL Family Law Attorney

When one parent chooses to relocate, it can affect the entire family. Co-parenting already comes with enough complexities and adding a new one into the mix can only cause further complications. However, if a move is necessary and you want to receive legal advice, then do not hesitate to contact a Geneva, IL child custody lawyer. The firm of Serrano Hanson has enough experience in family law to offer the advice you need for your relocation situation. Contact the office today at 630-844-8781.

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