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Is Getting a Protection Order Worth It?

 Posted on April 10, 2023 in Family Law

Kane County Family Law AttorneyIf you are in an abusive relationship, you may wonder what getting a protection order can do for you. Many people are unsure of whether court intervention is the right choice for their situation. They worry that securing an order of protection will make the abuser even more angry or otherwise escalate the situation. They do not understand what an order of protection can do for them.

In this blog, we will discuss the legal and practical benefits of securing an order of protection against an abusive partner. For personalized guidance regarding your specific situation, reach out to a Kane County family law attorney.

Emergency Order of Protection

In Illinois, an Emergency Protection Order (EOP) is a court order that is often used to protect somebody from abuse, harassment, or threats of violence. Once an EOP is filed, it goes into effect immediately. Each protection order is tailored to the petitioner’s unique situation. However, EOPs commonly restrict where a person can go and who they can contact. For example, the protection order may prohibit your spouse or partner from visiting your workplace or school. An EOP may even be used to temporarily evict somebody from a shared residence. You may be able to use an EOP to force your spouse or partner to move out of your shared home - even if the home is in his or her name. This can be a very valuable tool for abuse victims that gives them time to gather their belongings and relocate to a safe place.

Additionally, protection orders may mandate that the respondent undergo counseling or substance abuse treatment. The order may prohibit the respondent from calling, emailing, or texting the petitioner. Violating an Illinois protection order is a criminal offense for which an abuser can be arrested and put in jail.

EOPs last up to 21 days, but you will have the opportunity to request a long-term protection order called a Plenary Order of Protection if needed.

An EOP Serves as an Official Record of Your Partner’s Behavior

An Emergency Order of Protection legally requires an abusive person to cease abuse, threats, and harassment. It gives the petitioner the ability to call the police and have the abuser arrested if the abuser violates any of the terms of the protection order. Perhaps even more importantly, a protection order serves as an official record of the abusive person’s actions. This can be extremely valuable during divorce, child custody, and other family law cases.

Contact our Geneva Order of Protection Lawyer

If you have suffered abuse or you are worried that your partner is going to harm you or your children, do not wait to take legal action. An Emergency Order of Protection can be used to temporarily evict your partner or spouse, prohibit them from contacting you or coming to your home or workplace, and more. Our Kane County family law attorneys can help you petition the court for an EOP, represent you during a protection order hearing, and provide the legal support you need. Call 630-844-8781 for a confidential consultation.




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