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Four Tips for Working Through Parenting Time Restrictions in Illinois

 Posted on December 27, 2022 in Family Law

Kane County Child Custody LawyerAs anyone who has children can attest, it is not easy to be a parent. Parenting is infinitely more challenging after a divorce or breakup, especially if the other parent has been granted substantially more parental responsibilities and parenting time than you have. Under the law in Illinois, you have the right to reasonable parenting time with your child, but exercising that right can be difficult. Additionally, you might have personal issues of your own that have led the court to restrict your parenting time rights. A situation such as this can be extremely challenging, but it is not necessarily a permanent state of affairs, and there are some steps you can take toward getting your full parenting time rights restored.  

#1. Understand the Reasons

According to Illinois law, your parenting time rights cannot be restricted simply because a judge does not like you or the way you are living your life. The court must issue a finding that you or your lifestyle poses serious physical, mental, moral, or emotional dangers to your child, and the finding must be specific enough for you to address the court’s concerns. Common grounds for parenting time restrictions include alcohol or drug abuse issues, concerns regarding instances of physical or emotional abuse, and association with dangerous individuals. Only after you understand why the court has restricted your parenting time can you start taking steps to improve your situation.

#2. Comply With the Restrictions

As you work to resolve the issues that led to your parenting time restrictions, whether they are substance abuse problems, domestic abuse concerns, or your social circle, it is absolutely critical that you comply with any restrictions the court has handed down. If the court has allowed you just one supervised hour with your child each week, make every minute count. Do everything you can to show your dedication to becoming a better person and parent. If you attempt to get around the restrictions, your actions are likely to damage your case, and you could have your parental rights terminated altogether.

#3. Keep a Record of Your Progress

When you go back to court to request the lifting of your restrictions, you will be asked to show that you have addressed the problems identified by the court. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping a written record of the steps you are taking to better yourself. For example, if drug issues caused the court to restrict your parenting time, keep track of any outpatient programs or Narcotics Anonymous meetings in which you have participated. If the original issue was emotional abuse, sign up for an anger management course and keep records of your attendance and progress. Your notes could end up being very important in getting the court to reconsider your limitations.

#4. Have a Kane County Family Lawyer on Your Side

If your parenting time with your child has been limited or restricted by an Illinois court, a knowledgeable Geneva parenting time attorney can help you restore your rights. We will work with you in understanding and meeting the requirements set by the court so that you can re-establish a healthy relationship with your child. Call 630-844-8781 for a confidential consultation at Serrano Hanson today.




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