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Crafting Thoughtful Virtual Visitation Arrangements 

 Posted on August 18, 2023 in Family Law

Geneva, IL child custody lawyerOne of the hardest things about ending a relationship with the other parent of one’s child is the likelihood that, from now on, that child will divide their time between two households. This kind of arrangement can be incredibly difficult for kids and their parents alike. 

Logistical challenges can be tough but, above all, it is the reality that a child cannot see each of their parents – and that each parent cannot see their child – each and every day that renders shared child custody and parenting time arrangements so emotionally wrenching. Thankfully, living in the Digital Age has its benefits. And one of those benefits is the opportunity for co-parents and their children to engage in regular virtual visitation.

What Is Virtual Visitation?

Virtual visitation is the process of connecting a parent and their child when their child is not currently residing under their roof. Video chats, email, texts, phone calls, story time apps, and even simultaneously gaming online can connect parents with their kids, but postal mail and other forms of non-electronic connection can also be part of a virtual visitation approach as well.

Making Virtual Visitation Arrangements Workable for All

Virtual visitation tends to work best when it is scheduled regularly so that everyone involved can plan accordingly. Children and teens crave stability, so constructing a virtual visitation arrangement that is predictable – yet flexible enough to meet a child’s need to spontaneously connect from time to time – is generally a good idea. With that said, every family’s needs and every child’s best interests are a little different. Therefore, it is important to be thoughtful about timing, communication methods, and a host of other influences when crafting an approach that will result in more benefits than tension.

Connect With a Knowledgeable Geneva, IL Child Custody Lawyer to Learn More

If you are interested in crafting a parenting plan that has virtual visitation or you are interested in adding virtual visitation to an existing parenting plan, know that the dedicated team of Kane County, IL child custody lawyers at Serrano Hanson are here to help. 

Once we understand your family’s unique needs and circumstances, we can help you to craft a virtual visitation approach that will be workable and potentially very meaningful for you, your child, and your co-parent. Please call the firm directly at 630-844-8781 or reach out via the contact page on our website to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.



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